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Enable contactless onsite and offsite direct ordering. Drive orders online and connect more with customers.

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Local Online Business

Connected Marketplace

Join your local online marketplace to increase and maintain connection with your customers and community.

Contactless Ordering

Increase takeout and dine-in sales when you enable contactless online, onsite and offsite ordering.

Universal Rewards

One Market's universal rewards provide locals with the extra incentive they need to buy local at their favorite spots and discover new ones to recommend to their friends and family.

With One Market...

Marketing and promotion

Gain direct marketing to stay connected to your customers and consistently promote your storefront in the marketplace.

Online order control

Replace phone orders and lines with online orders to gain staff support and save labor costs, allocating staff where it matters most.

Sales and customer analytics

Gain direct marketing to stay connected to your customers and consistently promote your storefront in the marketplace.

Digital inventory management

Manage and track inventory to better meet your business' needs and customers' demand. Customize your inventory system to work for you.

Full menu customization

Make instant menu changes with no hassle, no wait time, no approval needed. Mark items "Out of stock"; add, remove, alter offerings; and more.

One Market's comprehensive

Local Business Solution

No Upfront Cost

No monthly fees

No commission orders

Free Hardware

Secure transactions *

Contactless Online Ordering

Marketplace with universal rewards

Direct Marketing

Business Control

* Stripe charges a standard $0.3 + 2.9% payment processing fee

Let’s grow

Local communities are vibrant because of local businesses like yours - providing goods and services for our neighbors, and the venues that extend their living rooms into communities to connect and bond. But, running a small business has become hard - tedious, stressful and challenging, especially after Covid-19.

You didn't sign up for what it has become, and what it has become, does not have to be your future. We created One Market, to provide you with risk-free, hassle-free tech solutions to run your business more smoothly, so you can focus on what you love doing, with the people who help make it what it is. Together, let’s revive our communities with better local business.

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