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More Revenue

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Cost Free

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Hassle Free

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Local communities are vibrant, because of local businesses like you - providing goods and services for our neighbors, and the venues that extend their livingrooms to connect and bond. But running a small business is hard - tedious, stressful and challenging, especially after Covid-19. You didn't sign up for these, and these shall change. That's why we created One Market, to provide you with risk free, hassle free tech solutions to run your businesses more smoothly, so you can focus on what you love doing. Together, let’s revive our communities.

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Bring more revenue back to you

A better way to grow your business is to give your customers an irresistible reason to come back. One Market’s innovative reward program, hyper-local online marketplace and promotion offering platform will get your more foot traffic and orders to grow your revenue, effortlessly.

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Universal Reward program

Community Based Online Marketplace

Automated Promotion Center

Zero cost to digitize your business

Digitizing your business sans the hefty costs. One Market will provide you everything needed to bring your business into the digital era, with zero upfront costs or monthly fee. You’ll have a full solution to take orders and process payments however your customers like, fully contactless. The real-time data to help you reward the loyal customers and incentivize the new ones.

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Steps to Enable You Do Better

Digital storefront

Online or in store
Steps to Enable You Do Better

Ordering and payments

Steps to Enable You Do Better

Data & insights

Real Time

Take control of your business

One Market’s goal is to help you control your own fate better. With One Market, now you have more ways to own and amplify your brand. With real time access to essential data, you’ll have more control over the customer experiences you are proud of. With better tools to capture orders wherever they come from, you can run your shop the way you always wanted.

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Steps to Enable You Do Better

Elevate Your Own Brand

Steps to Enable You Do Better

Activate Customer Engagement

Steps to Enable You Do Better

Control Pricing & Schedule

Hassle Free to Get Started

Too much hassle to deal with the techy stuff? Give it to us. One Market will come and install everything you need to get started in a day or less. We’ll configure the software and provide necessary hardware (e.g. 1 Kiosk, 1 KSD, 1 Printer) for free. Once the system is set up, anyone can operate, no computer programming degree required. What’s the catch? Nothing really. With One Market processing the transactions, you simply pay the same $0.3 + 2.9% payment processing fee as normal. How do we make money? We negotiate the heck out of our vendors. (Shhh...they didn’t hear it from you.)

grow together
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